News from BlueSky 

August 2013 

Team events

If you're planning team events let us know - we have facilitators available who are very experienced working with multicultural teams and will ensure your team is functioning better by the end of the event. Contact us as early as possible if you would like it close to year end, it can get busy. 

BlueSky has a quality global network of independent expert facilitators and coaches - we coach people in Switzerland, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.  You are always welcome to skype or call, or personally visit out offices in Zurich or Winterthur. 

BlueSky Corporate 
BlueSky continues to provide our corporate client base with team assessments, transition support, facilitating change and transition, and strategy setting.  In addition, BlueSky provides  quality coaching for senior executives and their teams.  BlueSky and its independent network of trainers and coaches is having a positive impact on the individuals and organizations concerned. 

BlueSky Leaders
Leadership effectiveness can be enhanced by the right leadership or communications trainer.  Contact us for information on how you can become a more effective leader. 

BlueSky Women
We have special programmes and workshops for women.  Keep posted via the BlueSky Women LinkedIn group.                                      

BlueSky Networking
BlueSky is active on LinkedIn and Twitter.   Feel free to join our LinkedIn Group BlueSky Networking to get regular updates on activities and events which may interest you. We are in the process of planning our Annual Networking event for 2013 and are happy to hear from sponsors and partners who wish to be involved.     

Twitter:  @BlueSkyTraining

Phone:  +41 52 203 06 85


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Seidenstrasse 27, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland